Resonance Nearby allows you to discover nearby devices and exchange data between them. The devices don't have to be on the same network, they only have to be connected to the Internet. It does not use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and does not emitting any sound.

It allows a developer to send any useful data (payload), which is delivered to each discovered device. For example, it is possible to transmit information about the user or about a gaming session.

Resonance Nearby is available for Android, iOS and Web browser as a small library with a plain API. It can also be used in embedded systems and IoT devices.

Try it

You can try Resonance in our apps: DropEx Web, DropEx Mobile App and Resonance Web example or build our example apps by yourself.

How it works

Device discovery is possible by comparing ambient noise around devices. The library creates an audio environment ‘fingerprint’ which it sends to a server, the server matches up the ‘fingerprints’, and the library notifies the application that devices have been discovered.

Read more about technical solution implemented in Resonance and explore pros and cons of different techniques in our blog post.

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